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Exteriorscapes’ Corten Raised Beds & Herb Spiral published in Sunset Magazine, July 2012

June 27, 2012

Customed designed about seven years ago this garden is located in North Seattle. Our client is a former culinary teacher and she is very passionate about growing her own herbs and vegetables to use in her daily cooking. True to our mission we were looking to do something unusual and beautiful but also functional which worked perfectly with our clients who are both artistic and creative.

This potager garden consists of four raised beds that form an outer circle with an herb spiral at the center and gravel paths between. The raised beds are built with 1/4″ thick corten steel which is strong enough to retain good soil depth while minimizing the amount of garden space taken up by the wall. Corten steel is great for heat gain and allows a northwest gardener to grow more heat loving plants like tomatoes and peppers! And the plate steel is great for creating all sorts of shapes. Finally, corten steel is naturally weather resistant…perfect for rainy Seattle! These beds were designed to be seat height for easy access to the beds for maintenance, planting and harvesting. Steel tube posts welded to the plate steel every 24″ allow for poles for growing runner beans or a custom-made moveable seat for even easier weeding & garden access.

See the full article and more photos and illustrations in Sunset’s July 2012 Issue .

Hire a design professional…it adds value to your home!

June 5, 2012

And Exteriorscapes is an award winning landscape design build firm that will make the most of your investment.

If you are contemplating a landscape design project for your home and don’t want to spend the money on hiring a designer think again. While you might think you are saving money…hiring a professional to design your garden will probably save you money in the long run. A design professional can help you avoid unnecessary mistakes like choosing inappropriate plantings and guide you to a design that fits your budget.

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