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Client Reviews

“We would like to thank Exteriorscapes for the wonderful experience associated with our recently completed landscaping project. Cameron and the team were true professionals and partners throughout the entire project. Our appreciation of the results increases every day!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Exteriorscapes to anyone. We were impressed with the creativity, problem solving and project management all while maintaining our project budget. The on-site team also deserves accolades for their professionalism and warm, enjoyable approach to their jobs. It reinforced to us the dedication they have to ensuring the client is satisfied with the job from beginning to end. We can’t wait to use Exteriorscapes again.”

“We have received extraordinary attention for the garden design and construction work done by Exteriorscapes. The work is highly creative and distinctive.”

“Exteriorscapes has worked with us on our home for over a decade. Their design philosophy is to make the garden like another room in your home, and that is what they have done for each section of the garden. The staff are experts in garden and design solutions. They do excellent dry stack stone work. The maintenance crew does great work. They will assist you in selecting plants that are suitable for your garden’s site.”

“So many stop to admire your work! (No one can possibly admire & appreciate as much as us, though!) Thank you for your vision and all the hard work to bring it to fruition.”

“What you have created is so beautiful…I appreciate your clear and organized approach to accomplishing our vision. You have addressed our concerns each step of the way, and that allows for a sense of ease and enjoyment for us in this creative process.”

“It was wonderful to come home to a much-improved garden. What you & your crew were able to get done (despite the funky weather) looks terrific. We will leave the scheduling & list of “to do” items in your very capable hands.”

“The people are great to work with and spend time with. The staff all express an enormous enthusiasm for what they do.”

“We’re looking forward to your visit. Having you guys come keeps the bones of our yard so fabulous that the little upkeep we do is fun and fast. It is great.”

“Environmentally sound…very good knowledge of plants…you will stand by your work.”

“Cheerful work crews, friendly to pets…attention to the garden’s long-term evolution.”

“Creativity!!! Excellent attention to detail; very pleasant attitude from all!”

“The designers we worked with came up with creative ways to meet our needs and preferences. Everybody is passionate about what they do.”

“I love the container designs and only wish I could have more!”

“Exteriorscapes did a miraculous job reconstructing the garden space and, as a bonus, created a new garden in the parking strip from the mother plants that needed dividing. This year, however, was the best treasure by far. In a small, narrow space, Exteriorscapes created a sanctuary garden with a water fountain that sounds like a bubbling stream; a bluestone patio and sitting area to relax, listen to the fountain and sip tea; and a garden gate trellis that will soon have roses and clematis spilling over it.”

“I just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you again, deeply, for the extraordinary effort you and your crew put in at our house. Everything looked beautiful and your work was so appreciated by so many. (Particularly me!!) I lost count of how many partygoers raved about the garden tonight. The most significant compliments came from those who are serious gardeners who have been here year after year. More than one such person was mindful of the plantings and very complimentary of this year’s changes and additions.”

“The yard looks terrific! Thank you, thank you! It’s been a pleasure to come home as opposed to feeling like I had to sneak into the house because the yard looked so poorly. Thanks for working with me to get it all started.”

“I think of the work I had done by Exteriorscapes as the biggest present I ever gave myself. It is certainly the most fun I’ve had on a home renovation project. The pleasure that my husband and I get from our beautiful yard every day is priceless to me.”

“Exteriorscapes has been able to take an idea or dream that perhaps was only a vague notion and create a wonderful structure and garden that made our original idea even more wonderful.”

“Our conversation only served to heighten my interest in horticulture, as well as my interest in Exteriorscapes. The company’s focus on creating eco-friendly gardens with sustainable natural resources of Puget Sound certainly describes an environment suited to my values and passions.”