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Cameron Scott

I am a native Texan who grew up enjoying the outdoors and playing in the dirt. Growing up my family took an annual summer road trip which I always looked forward to. These trips took us across the west exploring old ghost towns, collecting rocks, hunting and fishing. We also always had a thriving garden and spending time working in the garden was always fun and rewarding to me. In fact, I’m still searching to relive the taste of my first homegrown tomato! But it wasn’t just gardening I enjoyed, I also liked to build secret places in the garden and in my neighborhood I was well-known for my elaborate forts, one even had a water feature I designed and built.

At thirteen, I started my own lawn mowing business and went door to door with my mower…a good lesson in hard work and customer service. That combined with my work to complete my Eagle Scout furthered my respect for the natural world while also teaching me the value of community service. During and after college I continued to work in the landscape industry in Dallas and then in the Caribbean on larger multidisciplinary projects. People in the Caribbean rely on rainwater harvesting and have done so for years. My experience working in the islands instilled the idea of efficient material management because if it wasn’t on the delivery boat…you don’t have it. It also gave me a complete understanding of harvesting rainwater and the amazing amount of use you can get out of every gallon of water.

I have always been fascinated by the craft of dry stone walling. I don’t know whether this is because of my Scottish heritage or because of that connection to history I get when I am working stone with tools that have not changed much over the millennia. I feel strongly about the contribution stone brings to a garden and how it acclimates to a particular site. I consider faux stone concrete blocks about as attractive as non-dairy whipped cream!

In 1993 I moved to the Pacific Northwest and a year later started Exteriorscapes with the intent of creating innovative and sustainable gardens using the knowledge from my previous experiences. I appreciate the client that sees the value that a garden brings to life, family and community. I am charged by their trust in me and my team, to not only make the most of their investment, but to bring them a sanctuary that they can recharge and reconnect with family and friends. Some of my fondest memories are working in the yard with my family and building imaginary empires with friends…when Tonka ruled my days, not Intel.

“The people are great to work with and spend time with. The staff express an enormous enthusiasm for what they do.”