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Our custom design team is skilled at translating your vision into a reality. A well-designed garden should be alive and productive, always growing with you and your family, changing through the seasons and evolving with time.

The garden provides a vision of paradise on earth.
It is an expression of our ability to transform nature into art.

Our design process is enriched by a team whose passions range from botany and horticulture to permaculture, alternative building techniques, architecture, traditional stonework and landscape history. Each designer brings his or her unique perspective to your site, which allows us to fully explore every possibility and truly think outside the box.

“‘Feel the Heat,’ the garden designed by Cameron Scott of Exteriorscapes, won the People’s Choice award….I confess to eavesdropping…and the comments ranged from ‘It’s an engineering tour de force’ to ‘What a great mind to have come up with this.'”